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By: Kane Williamson Published in Literature
How A Spider Vein Doctor Can Help You Obtain A Vein DiseaseFree Life
Most individuals would not understand that spider veins and varicose veins are, in fact, two different problems with the last more severe than the former.
By: Harold Mehta Published in Literature
good bye mr chips
The shy and lonely Mr. Chipping and Katherine fall in love with each other and soon they get married. Back to Brookfield, the enchantment of Katherine makes Mr. Chips popular with his colleagues and students and he is promoted to housemaster.
By: haris Published in Literature
Fine Art A Window for Historical Literacy
Among the criticism levied against modern education is the alarming decrease in historical literacy. The need to understand history demands us to recall George Santayana’s often quoted, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
By: themagicmuseum Published in Literature
Measuring Generations through Involvement with Technology
The convenient method of distinguishing generations by a separation of 18 to 25 years, and attributing distinct characteristics to those generations, whether they are termed Baby Boomers, Generation Y, or Millennials
By: themagicmuseum Published in Literature
Tracing the lasting impact of the hymn Amazing Grace
In previous articles, we illustrated how the treasury of fine art can help counter the alarming decline of historical literacy. That blog employed J.M.W. Turner’s painting, “The Slave Ship,” to amplify a historical incident and key background
By: themagicmuseum Published in Literature
The Art Of Cinematic Public Speech The Magic Museum Interactive Book By Rick Isaacson
An inventive speaker may take a number of creative avenues to construct an impactful speech that possesses lasting audience effect.
By: themagicmuseum Published in Literature
Crafting a Snapshot Image to Promote Community Activism
Continuing the theme of applying strategic imagery to promote community activism, I recount my own experience conjuring a picture to concentrate focus on a deserving cause.
By: themagicmuseum Published in Literature
Applying Communication Theory and Imagery to Enhance Persuasive Presentations
The last several decades have seen the development of communication theory to both explain and bolster the impact of attitude change in persuasive discourse.
By: themagicmuseum Published in Literature
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