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Interior Design
Fall in Love
From pumpkin spice lattes, to cozy knit sweaters, there’s so much that all of us here at Marilyn H. Rose Interiors are looking forward to.
By: Marilyn Rose Published in Interior Design
Top 10 Crystals for Healing
The semi precious gemstones, healing stones and the items that you buy from the crystal export locations are perfect for healing. However, you should know what the most popular options are and what each treats so that you can pick the right one for your n
By: crystal export Published in Interior Design
Tips And Tricks In interior Designing
Interior designers make it a point to arrange art works very well and good. In galleries and museum, the artworks are hung in such a way that the midline of each piece is around 60 inches from the floor. It should be applied to the room also.
By: Agathas Interior Published in Interior Design
Horizontal or Vertical Which Window Blinds To Go For
Both vertical and horizontal window blinds are smart choice for decorating and covering your windows. The biggest dissimilarity between the 2 kinds is in the manner they append to the windows.
By: Ciaran Pilkington Published in Interior Design
Honeycomb Shades or Silhouette Shades Which One to Go For
The options for blind have carried on to boost on a regular basis. Over the years, wooden blinds gave retained their popularity. In spite of being more expensive in comparison with other blinds, the wooden blinds have continued to be admired. However, the
By: Ciaran Pilkington Published in Interior Design
Energy efficient and high intensity Led light bars
LED bars have two best features viz. cost effective and energy efficient in nature. Additionally these also emit high intensity directionall llights. Furthermore this helps in gaining popularity of these lights.
By: Jiang Chengdong Published in Interior Design
Roman Shades The Best Known Faux Wood Blinds for Your Home
Privacy is undoubtedly the foremost cause that makes people employ curtains or discount faux wood blinds. Prying neighbours and harmful burglars are destined to make your home a target if they’re able to peep into your living rooms via your unprotected wi
By: Ciaran Pilkington Published in Interior Design
Why Solar Shades Are So Popular Among ModernDay Home Owners
Are you fade of with those traditional and old-fashioned sheer blinds for windows? Do you want to block the harmful rays of the sun, but with some style? Well, now you can easily get rid of sun’s extreme heat and accomplish a comfortable temperature insid
By: Ciaran Pilkington Published in Interior Design
Natural Stone Tiles The Evergreen Forms of Flooring Material
Refurbishing a home and converting it into a new place to reside, have turned out to be the latest trend. Nobody stays behind when it is about modernizing the home with modern flooring materials.
By: Castillo Robertson Published in Interior Design
Add Elegance and Style to the Exterior of Your Home with an Outdoor Custom Stone Fireplace
Outdoor custom stone fireplaces are best and affordable means to add style and elegance to the exterior space in a house. Composed with beautiful stones, an outdoor stone fireplace offers an ideal gathering place on cold nights.
By: Castillo Robertson Published in Interior Design
Get Supreme Privacy and Insulation With Honeycomb Shades
Honeycomb shades also known as cellular shades are the major contributors as far as window treatment is concerned. They provide solitude, covering and light control for any window.
By: Ciaran Pilkington Published in Interior Design
Natural Stones Are the Best Decorating Option
If you are desperate to change the boring look of your home, then natural stones are the best option for you. These stones are ideal for flooring and have been extensively used for several centuries.
By: Castillo Robertson Published in Interior Design
Five Popular Natural Stones Used To Make Tiles
For centuries, natural stone tiles have been employed by human to beautify their homes. Natural stone tiles are remarkably stunning, as well as sturdy and fire safe. However, one quality of natural stone, as opposite to glass or ceramic tiles, is that the
By: Castillo Robertson Published in Interior Design
Decorate Your Fireplace with Hand Carved Stone Mantles
A number of people like to adorn their fireplace mantles with some decorative stuff to provide the place an attractive look. Most homes have fireplaces these days due to their handy features. However, if you leave the fireplace without any sorts of decora
By: Castillo Robertson Published in Interior Design
Roller Shades A Genuine Solution to Sound Problems in Apartments
Roller shades, now a days, opposite to traditional styles, can be very trendy. You won’t have your property-owner constraining you to bring down the machines you’ve made up to help calm down sound from outside.
By: Ciaran Pilkington Published in Interior Design
Tips to Follow While Hiring Interior Designer
New home or new office the first thing we think about is its interior design. We check all the websites, magazines and talk to every friend in order to hire the best interior designer. Office and home design are two different....
By: Asian House Care Published in Interior Design
Home Interior Design Ideas
Home Interior Design Home design grow to be lone of as a rule motivating expertise, its contain very varied increase, from time to time hundred brand recent design extend and tell somebody to a diverse variety, a plight of motivating hypothesis used...
By: Asian House Care Published in Interior Design
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