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Warning Signs of Infertility Women Should Look Out For
Published by: Aaryan Smith` (16) on Fri, Feb 23, 2018  |  Word Count: 451  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Technically, there are no symptoms of infertility. The only way to know if you’re infertile is when you’re unable to conceive even after trying for several months. That too, is not proof, and only a fertility test for women (or men) can determine without a doubt if you’re infertile. But, according to fertility doctors in one of the best IVF centres in India, the female body is surprisingly perceptive of changes and tries to warn you in advance.

Signs Women Should Look Out For

Although there are no identifiable symptoms, the reproductive system of a woman tries to send signals if something is wrong with it. Signs women should look out for include:

• Abnormal periods: Very light and scanty periods that last for only a day or two are abnormal. Women should bleed for at least 3 days and only when scanty bleeding occurs on the last two days is it normal. Very heavy bleeding during your periods is also not normal. Periods lasting for longer than 5 days aren’t normal either. Any of these conditions means that something is not right with the menstrual cycle and/or you may not be ovulating.

• Irregular periods: A normal menstrual cycle is 28 to 30 days. Anything beyond 35 days is a delayed period. Having your periods after longs gaps or within a short span of less than 26 days is a cause for concern. Some women have what are known as surprise periods, where they never know when they are going to have their next period. All these are signs that something is wrong.

• No periods: Women who do not get their periods for months at a stretch should seek medical advice. This is a matter of serious concern. The lack of periods probably means that you are not ovulating.

• Painful periods: Most women suffer a cramping sensation and an uncomfortable bloated feeling during their periods, which is quite natural. A slight amount of pain with your periods for a few hours is also felt by some women. But very painful periods where the pain is intolerable and lasts for over a day or two is abnormal and is a sign that something is not right. Many women do not realise that intense abdominal pain during their periods is not natural.

You can find the best IVF centre in Delhi, which serves the purpose of a fertility centre as well. The IVF centre has some of the best IVF doctors in Delhi, as well as fertility specialists.
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