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Valley Of Flowers National Park Discover The Beauty Of India
Published by: India by Car and Driver (16) on Fri, Jul 23, 2021  |  Word Count: 633  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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If a tourist says that they have seen the beauty of India and they haven’t seen the valley of flowers, then they are wrong. This paradise on earth is the same place in Hindu Mythology from where Hanuman Ji brought Sanjivani Buti to heal Laxman Ji.

This article aims to ignite the desire in tourists to visit this place as soon as possible. And so it begins.

History Of The Park

Like almost every other beautiful place in India, the valley of flowers was also discovered by some foreigners. Before that, the area remained undiscovered for decades. When some British travelers accidentally changed their route when they were returning from Mount Kamet. It so happened that they stumbled upon this place.

They named the place a valley of flowers after being mesmerized by its beauty. One of them also wrote a book about it.

About The Park

There is only one rule in this park, don’t blink. The park has uncountable plants of flowers spreading all over the place that can fascinate anyone; it is truly heaven on earth. It is situated 20 km northwest of the Nanda Devi Park in the western Himalaya range. Tourists can find many threatened animals here, safe and sound.

The list of animals includes black deer, musk deer, fox, brown bear, and blue sheep. The park spreads across 87.50 sq. km. Furthermore one can enjoy charming meadows and many water tributaries.

Fun fact, the paradise changes colors according to its flowers blossoming, within three months, for example, July, August, and September, which is the perfect time to visit the place.

Where is this Heaven On Earth?

Valley of flowers is 300 km from Rishikesh in the north. Travelers can take the road route till Govind Ghat, from where a 20 km trek begins. During their journey to paradise, trekkers see clouds, sky-touching hills, pastures, and cascades. The valley attracts professional photographers, nature enthusiasts, and backpackers.

Heaven takes its color in winter when the place is covered in snow. The flowers bloom between July and September, which is the best time to visit the valley of flowers. Locals believe that it is the land where fairies once lived. This belief is accurate because it is no less than the land of fairies. One should know the biotic and religious importance of this place before paying a visit.

Biotic Importance: - Valley of flowers is not only famous for its flora, landscapes, and mountains, it is also known as a paradise because of its biotic life. Around 300 species of wildflowers blossom here. It holds the most beautiful flowers called primula. Furthermore, there are various lavender, roses, Brahm kamal, blue poppy, and cobra lily.

Religious Importance: - Don’t forget to visit the holy places near the valley to achieve harmony. Every sacred place here holds its history and significance. One such place called Hemkund Sahib is at the height of 4150 m above sea level. Other than that, one should also visit the Lokpal Lake and Laxman temple.

When to Visit?

? In the last week of May, when the valley gets opened for travelers, only a few flower species are here during this time.
? In June, when food and accommodations get expensive, Sikhs visit Hemkund Sahib, but one can still enjoy waterfalls and streams.
? In mid-July and August when God blesses the valley with 650 species of flowers.

India by Car and Driver can make a custom EXPLORE NORTH INDIA PACKAGE that will include the valley of flowers national park on customer request. Travelers will discover the valley of flowers national park and Bandhavgarh national park, Kanha national park, and many other beautiful destinations of India.
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