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Uses of Composite Materials
Published by: Stevenjstanek (16) on Fri, Dec 18, 2015  |  Word Count: 624  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Composite materials are no longer known as space-age materials that are only used in the defense industry or space shuttles. These versatile metals have now found their way into mainstream life and are being used in all kinds of industries. This article discusses some of the main uses of thermoplastic composite materialstoday.

What are Composite Materials?

Composite materials are a combination of two unique materialsthat together makes them superior to the properties offered by individual components. The reinforcement of fibers allows the material to offer better strength and stiffness. These fibers can also be placed in different ways so as to influence the properties of the resulting composite material.

Where are Composite Materials Used?

The following are some of the most common areas where composite materials are being used today.

• Sports: A number of sports have begun shifting towards the use ofthermoplastic composite materials because of their need for weight reduction. One of the first disciplines to switch to composites was Formula One. Composites are widely used in crash protection parts of the F1 car. Motor racing soon began using composites in the form of a carbon bike, known for its carbon fiber reinforced epoxy. Other applications of composites can be seen in snowboards, skis and surfboards.

• Automobiles: Composites are integral to the manufacturing of cars and bikes. DaimlerChrysler uses carbon fiber reinforced plastic for making body components such as doors, flared rear wheel arches and the bonnet of the Mercedes AMG Cabriolet. BMW has also gone for composites in the deck lid, roof and front wings of its BMW M6. Other examples include the carbon fiberbodyshell of the Peugeot 907. Composite materials are highly valued by the automotive industry in their quest for ever lighter materials as new compounds are produced with greater strength and less weight, helping contribute to a more fuel-efficient automobile.

• Home and Garden: The use of thermoplastic composite materials in and around your home is still quite limited, but new applications are coming up every day. Furniture, such as maintenance-free doors and windows, is one area where the use of composites has been experimented. Other applications can be seen in decking and swimming pools.

• Consumer Goods: Composites are commonly used in electronics and some of the most common examples include the Acer Ferrari 4000 notebook and the Sony VAIO notebook. Composite materials are also used in B&W loudspeakers.

• Construction: From plastic-laminated trusses and beams to outdoor decks and porches, composite products are finding their way into all kinds of construction applications.

• Ballistic Protection: Carbon composite fibers are being used to make bulletproof vests to offer lightweight body armor that doesn’t compromise on offering protection from flames, explosives or bullets. Kevlar, an example of such a fiber, is five times stronger than steel, yet half as dense as fiberglass.

Why Choose Ecomass Composite Materials?

Ecomass Technologies has been offering engineered thermoplastics composite materialssince1998. Our expertise in the area allows us to develop high-density thermoplastic compounds and ensure that our plastics solve the material challenges faced by your products without breaking your budget. We specialize in lead replacement and high-density applications and our compounds can be used for all kinds of applications, from radiation shielding and balancing to vibration dampening and weighting. Moreover, all Ecomasscomposite materials are 100% lead-free and do not include any hazardous or toxic materials. So whether you need a lead substitute or a replacement for aluminum, copper, bronze, steel, stainless steel or brass, we always have the right solution for you.

About Author:

Steven J. Stanek usually writes articles and blogs related to industrial Mechanism and Products, In this article he writes about thermoplastic composite materials and lead replacement. He has been vehemently writing articles for Ecomass.com
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