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Things to consider before installation of solar system for your house
Published by: sanchit sahoo (16) on Mon, Jul 2, 2018  |  Word Count: 662  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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With the growing effects of global warming environmental conservation has become a major priority for all of us and it is high time we think about switching to greener forms of energy which can still meet the energy demands of our home or business along with saving some of our money from the heavy hefty electricity bills which we pay. So, therefore, the idea of solar power system at our home stands out as a very good idea for a greener solution. So here are some of the things which we need to consider before solar panel installation.
1. Know the age of your roofs-It is very important to know the age of your roof. Because if your roof is old and some part of it is damaged then it is not one of the best ideas to install solar panels. Also, the warranty of your roof and the solar panel should be compared. For eg- If the warranty of your solar panel is 20 years and that too of your roof is 10 to 15 years then it can increase your maintenance.
2. Do not fall for cheaper options- Cheap solar panels can be rarely relatable to better solar panels. Cheap or low-quality solar panel is manufactured in such a way that they are less durable as compared to good quality panels. When solar panels are less durable it decreases your investment value as well as future money savings. Also, these panels can cause major safety hazard which can lead to further troubles for the customer. So rather than using cheap solar panels, we should always opt for Tier 1 solar panels which are the best quality solar panels with the least safety hazards.
3. Selecting the right contractor-When you start searching for a contractor, you should validate that they should have the right credentials. A contractor who will reach you inconvenient time along with providing the best quality products is also important along with how patiently he deals with your demands and queries.
4. Determine your consumption rate- A quick study of your electricity bills will help you in analyzing how much electricity you require. If your energy consumption is less then we can go for a small solar system and vice versa. We can monitor our electrical consumption and then plan for the solar harnessing. Some company provides the system as small as 1.5 kw to 50 kw according to your requirement.
5. Maintenance is essential- Keeping your solar panels and roof in a good condition is all about good maintenance. If you are unable to meet the maintenance requirements then there are good chances that your equipment will not last long. Therefore the contractor we are hiring should provide service engineers who are highly professional and will help us in the maintenance of the device.
Keeping these points in mind we can definitely find a better energy solution for our home solar panel as well as for our commercial solar panels purpose. But when I really went through some of the sites I found out that the services they provided were good but the quality of the product was not up to the mark whereas the reviews of the people were for some of the companies were bad. But then I came across the site of pioneer solar, modern solar, clear solar where I found that the reviews of the people for the company were really good whereas the product quality was the best and one thing which caught my attention was that they provide 100% finance for their product. I found their service quite satisfactory than the others, therefore, we would suggest you visit their page for more inquiry at info@pioneer.com.au where we expect you will definitely find a better energy expert.
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