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Small Business Search Engine Optimization Basics
Published by: huzaifa (16) on Wed, May 1, 2013  |  Word Count: 587  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Search engine optimization is the way that will help your website to be optimized for the search engines, so you will be found easier by your clients, and get ranked higher for your profitable keywords.

The most important thing you need to do before starting your SEO campaign is perform keyword research.

This will allow you to know how many people are looking for your service, and what words they are using to find it.

So the more people are looking for specific keywords, the more traffic you are able to get if targeting those keywords. (Depending on your market competition)

If you are a local business, try to avoid the number #1 mistake most of local businesses are doing, and that is to try rank your website for general terms.

Using your keyword + local area will make sure your SEO Pakistan efforts will target your local market, and the people who are more likely to use your services.

After we have concluded keyword research, now is the time to understand the search engine optimization basics, however first we need to know how the search engines works.

When we refer to search engine optimization, we are mostly speaking about Google, since it has the majority of traffic.

However you should not be light headed with the other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and MSN. Although they are getting less traffic than Google, people are still using them and you are able to get new clients for your business if you are ranked high in those.

Google and the other search engines have one thing in mind, to give the people who are using their search box, what they were searching for.

That means, when someone type a keyword in the search bar, the search engines will like to give him the most relevant websites for his search.

The major facts that your website is getting ranked on are those:

Website Content - your website content should be unique and high quality, do not copy and paste from others, as it can harm your ranking.

Before writing content for your website, a keyword research should be performed and when writing to content, each page should aim to target the profitable keywords for your business.

Domain Age - Google and other search engines give more trust for aged domains, and those are consider more trustworthy, and get indexed faster. So if you are just starting your internet presence, and considering buying a domain, you might as well get an old domain.

On Page Optimization - This refers to your own website optimization, and the better the website is built and the more your on page optimization is right, the more relevant the search engines will find your website.

On page optimization is combined from your Meta tags, Titles, Headlines and keywords you are targeting in each one of your website pages, when performing On page optimization for your website, you will want to fix all broken links, build a site map and make sure you don't have any duplicated content.

Off Page Optimization - is all about links, how many domains are linking to your website, how many links you have, are the back-links optimized for your profitable keywords, and what is the variety and quality of the links.

The more high quality the back-link is (Determined by the referring website Page rank) the more significance the search engines will give it, and so the higher they will rank you.
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