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Need unique photographic experience Use DJI Phantom2 Vision camera
Published by: extremeuasphantom (16) on Sun, Jul 20, 2014  |  Word Count: 454  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Photography, the pictorial record of incidents has got its own long history. Starting from the old magnesium bulb camera to the present day digital ones it has undergone many changes and developments. The digital revolution has changed the structure of the most professional cameras. In earlier days a crane was needed to take aerial photography which was really not possible in difficult terrains. Now the Phantom seriescamera, the most recent development of the photographic regime for taking aerial photography resolved this issue quite efficiently. At first glance the device looks like a toy made of white plastic. When viewed from top it resembles the English alphabet “X” and stands on the two square legs that also protect the camera.

Features of DJI Phantom series camera

The main constituents of this device are transmitter, high performance camera, wi-fi range extender up to 300 meters,GPS altitude and flight locator on mobile device to ensure easy flying for video shooting and DJI vision application. These are light weight multi-functional virtual flying camera with range of camera tilt options,3-axis stabilization and anti-vibration facility. The camera which is remote controlled by DJI vision application can take photos and preserve, download the same to your mobile while the camera is still flying and export the same in RAW and JPEG formats to face book etc.One can also do smooth aerial photography with the help of this device. The integrated GPS auto pilot system also ensures stable flight to focus on the shots.Automatic initiation of return to home application, when the controlling signal is lost, is another marvelous feature of such cameras. The LED status indicator warns when the battery is getting low.The main thing that place DJIPhantom2 Vision Range camera over the others is its compatibility to various applications.

How to choose Phantom series camera

Phantom series cameras are truly amazing device available at affordable price. These are used in taking aerial panoramic photographs like corporate farming operation etc. Plenty of models with different ranges and different flying time and different resolutions are displayed in DJI Phantom2 vision for sale. Never mind if you are a beginner or a professional. For any type of aerial photography you can really rely on these easy to handle drone cameras that suityour wallet best.


Extreme UAS announces Phantom 2 Vision for sale to capture world around you and share amazing moments like never before. For more information, visit - http://extremeuas.com
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