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Myanmar Digital Contents Overview
Published by: Digital Kaway (16) on Sun, Feb 21, 2016  |  Word Count: 774  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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The last gold mine hot mobile market in the world in 2014. Myanmar people love mobile VAS.


Military Telecom, 2014: 300-500 BTS, only CDMA Ooredoo, Qatar Telecom, 2014: 500-1000 BTS GSM, 3G, 4G Telenor MPT, Myanmar telecommunications, 2014: 1500-2000 BTS, CDMA, GSM 2.5G, 3G MECtel, Norway Telecom, 2014: 500 to 7.00 BTS GSM 2.5G, 3G, by 2014 90% of the market belonging to MPT, Ooredoo and Telenor obtain floating license from February 2014, after the commissioning up estimated 06 months, Ooredoo bring to 2 August 2014, Telenor launched the September 27, 2014, MPT joint venture with KDDI and Sumitomo July 2014. YTP on how to get the mobile phone license, race almost bigger in the world appeared in Myanmar.


percentage of women in the current slow market growth of 90% in large cities the majority of men over 24 years and the proportion of the income of the middle class and, above all, the energy market 40%. The rest of the consumer desire for strong growth from 2015, after Telenor and launching Ooredoo market share of consumers.


SMS service CRBT Service Miss call waiting service, delivering an MPT, MECtel Provider: Blue Sea, voice blast, call center chart VAS subscriber market share, June 2014 Provider: Mar Azul, eTrade, MTS, the content of SMS, SMS, SMS marketing lease receivable.

Current Contents

Music clips and text-based gaming applications. The largest provider is blue ocean. Popular content: news, horoscope. Already it has some small local study of mobile gaming, as is FREE. Now download ringtones, video are not popular because the data rate is low. Nearly mobile application available only with 100% content SMS Android operating system is based on text.


And run a test campaign VAS • Facebook is very popular one shot • SMS (SMS unbranded) Social Networks TV & Radio Web Site Ø 2014 is the right time to test the VAS advertising channel. Ø channel traditional advertising (TV, radio) domain. Consumers are confident enough in advertising and content marketing in Myanmar.

Current VAS Company

Call center, customer: Blue Ocean (450 seats, expanding), MTS (100-150 seats), the SMS provider: Blue Ocean, eTrade, MTS, which operates in the IVR: Blue Ocean, Color Ring platfrom: Huawei, ZTE, MCA: Huawei, TMHC, content provider EVA license Myanmar song: Legacy Music, News: BBC, eleven Mizzima. In June 2014 in 10 companies in Myanmar EVA.


2014 – 2016 1 2 3 4 E-Com APP CRBT content model e-commerce began to appear from 2014, most of them are aimed at the entire cellular content of mobile applications localized CRBT is an inevitable trend continue to maintain high service Top position VAS taxes early for VAS content market is still limited resources in Myanmar. Expansion music clips, Gaming All value-added services are a lot of potential at this time, but most of them have to be the influence of the telecommunications infrastructure.

Hot Content

2014 – 2016 the people of Myanmar, especially the love of music entertainment, news, horoscopes; Tarot advice: football betting tips, love advice, music, ringtone: CRBT forecast website located online gaming entertainment according to the content of the survey in 2013 and the reality of digital revenue.


Internet remains limited resources Myanmar. Internet density: 1.63% of the population contained in the Burmese language on the Internet is limited. But Facebook is very popular popular site can access the Internet in Myanmar. Internet shop, home, mobile, large hotel to dominate the market right now.


Myanmar International Cable ISP backbone: MPT, MECtel, red link ( Redlink Communications ) YTP ( Yantanarpon Teleport ) bandwidth, Pet: 20 Gbps, international gateway: 4 Gbps of total Internet users: about 01 one thousand. Type of Internet connection: a commission fee charged by the wireless packet line / Wiremax :: charged for the data packet data. Mobile data: the duration of the rate (block 04 kyats / 01 min and 02 kyat CDMA / GSM 01 min) with MPT cargo, the Ooredoo 20 kyat / 01 MB. Reality-speed Internet: 80-150 KBs with good connection.


the most popular websites are the electronic news. Most of them have both English and Burmese version. Update the new content slowly. Popular music, video sharing: Youtube (no local site). Popular social network: Facebook. popular search engine: Google.com.mm. research quality is not very good, since differences in Burmese language. No local search engine. Type of potential sites: E-shopping. entertainment portal. clip portal / music. Search Engine.


Myanmar is the market potential of digital content market booming in next time. This is the right time to dominate the market.
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