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Learn about Billy Fuccillo business success
Published by: billyfuccillo (16) on Mon, Apr 24, 2017  |  Word Count: 515  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Billy Fuccillo is one of the well-known car dealers in the United States. He is popular because of his "Huge" advertising campaigns. He is the owner of Fuccillo Automotive Group. Fuccillo Automotive Group is operating in New York State and specializes in selling new and used cars. His Fuccillo Automotive Group has 20 stores in New York states from Albany to Buffalo, including three Kia stores and five Hyundai dealerships.

The reason behind Billy Fuccillo's popularity is his aggressive business strategy and his conventional marketing philosophy. Let's check out some facts about his business.Fuccillo is well known because he runs his huge advertising campaign everywhere in New York State to influence the people, which indirectly got huge fan following to his campaign. Whether people want to buy a car or not, but they show interest in his TV commercials like a reality show.He runs his advertisements day and night on local media channels, telling people about the huge benefit of car deals. In many of his commercial he stand with young blond lady and raising his hand towards the sky and bellowing about huge savings on car deals.

As per his opinion, He is an old fashion guy, when it comes to marketing, he prefers old marketing methods. He agreed that he doesn't have enough computer skills. That's why he prefers the conventional way of marketing. Until now he has spent more than twenty million on TV Commercials.  As per his philosophy of marketing, he wants to be in people's mind every minute of the day by bombarding a lot of TV commercials on them. Billy Fuccillo has sold almost 1,200 cars in one of his showrooms in a month, which shows that people follow his commercial.  TV commercials have increased Fuccillo's business in New York. It brings more than 5,000 customers a month into the store.

Billy Fuccillo is also the master in the wholesaling business of used vehicles. He started his own wholesale auto business when he was in college at Syracuse. Still, he enjoys going to auction and personally inspect the condition of vehicles. He takes them to auction and earns the millions dollar every month.

The automotive business is one of the most promising fields in today's competitive world. Now, Many people are approaching it to make their presence and future. Billy Fuccillo is one of the American businessmen who have rooted his name in car dealership business with his huge efforts and intelligence.

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