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Kyushu Hua Xuyin AllTang Qi ChildeKyushu Hua Xuyin AllTang Qi Childe
Published by: KathleenCR (16) on Sun, Dec 4, 2022  |  Word Count: 1458  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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"Hey, you're hurting me." He held her hand but did not let it go. Even his right hand was raised. His fingers, which were not stained with blood, stroked her forehead like a pilgrimage treasure. He heard the delicate and elegant red butterfly. He lowered his head slightly and pressed his pale lips against the wings of the pair of graceful butterflies. She chuckled. "Is that all you got?" Without waiting for him to react, he put his feet around his neck and bit the corners of his mouth with his red lips. He was stunned for a moment. Then he put his arm around her waist and put it against the conifer behind her. There was still no expression on his face. He looked at her eyes, but they were as deep as water, and the soft meaning flowed out: "You don't like me, do you?" Another year, spring flowers are fragrant, summer trees, from Su Heng's upper mountain, the vegetation on the mountain has twice withered and flourished. Such a feeling between master and disciples, from the point of view of defending morality, is really against human relations. If it is put into the world of flowers, it must be intolerable. But this is the world of Murong An, which is completely separated from the world of Daqian. No one will make irresponsible remarks. The only person who feels inappropriate is Master Jun, but Master Jun is really a person who has nothing to say at this time. Over the years, like all ordinary couples in the world, Murong An pasted the couplet of "I Chang'an" on the lintel Chinese New Year's Eve night this year. I Changan, simply four Yu, what a good omen, but how can it be so easy. After all, Su Heng is the son of the State of Chen. I don't know who said that happiness has to go so many ways, take so long time, make so many efforts, but destroy it as long as you take a step, in an instant, effortless. This sentence is really reasonable. In the spring of the 23rd year of the reign of Marquis Wen of Chen, Su Heng, the second son of Chen,magnetic separator machine, got married and hired Mu Zhi, the daughter of General Mu Xing, as his wife. Murong An left the Red Leaf Forest and disappeared. Things develop to this step is actually very simple, but is Wen Hou coercion, between Murong An and the throne, Su Heng can only choose one, finally Su Heng chose the throne. In September, Chen Wenhou reported that Chao Tianzi made Prince Heng his son and named Su Mu his concubine. That night, Master Jun appeared in Su Heng's study with a full-term baby in his arms. He said that Murong An had died, leaving behind two people's bones and blood. He hoped that he would treat the child kindly for the sake of the past relationship between master and apprentice. The child was wrapped in swaddling clothes and cried, and Su Heng sat in the room all night with the child in his arms. When he left the Red Leaf Forest, he did not know that Murong An was pregnant. But I always feel that Murong An is not dead. Although the charm of this creature is not suitable for breeding offspring, often because of mental weakness and die in the process of pregnancy and childbirth, but how strong Murong An, if such a powerful charm finally can not escape the fate of dystocia, small gold wash plant ,gold CIP machine, then this fate is too no idea. Of course, the most important argument is that the rumor left by unofficial history has always been that Murong An died in the battle of Liqiu between Chen and Jiang. ———————— Master Jun said that Su Heng was robbed by Murong An, but I didn't believe it until now. Murong an such temperament, probably just not easy to get emotional, once emotional is a lifetime, and Su Heng, this person is really hard to figure out, his persistence to Murong an is not like pretending to come out, but can also say to give up. I think the girl he loves most in his heart will always be Murong An, but she is no match for the territory, no match for the throne under one person and above ten thousand people. Can embrace boundless rivers and mountains and enjoy thousands of miles of lonely days is what he wants in his heart? I thought about it carefully for a while and felt that I was really naive. If I could have thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, I could have all the beauties in the world. Although maybe he just couldn't get the one he wanted most, he could make up for it in quantity. Where would I be lonely? I waited for Murong An to reappear, during which what happened was too trivial to be repeated. The two big ones were the death of Chen Wenhou and Su Heng's accession to the throne in the first year, and the war between Chen and Jiang over border disputes in the second year. In the battle of Chen Jiang, Su Heng, the king of Chen, personally went to war. I have seen some things about Su Heng in the history books, saying that Chen was a warrior, and all the kings of Chen grew up on horseback. Su Heng was no exception. He followed Wen Hou to fight in the battlefield since he was a child. His preferred way of fighting was very light and fast. Most of them acted as the vanguard, leading a small number of elite Xiaoqi, or going deep into the enemy or beating around the Bush to help the main army grasp the war situation.
Originally thought that maybe he would cherish his life when he became the king of Chen, but in this battle, it can be seen that even if the man ascended the throne as king, he did not change his fighting style at all. The night before the war, he took twenty Qingqi to Jiang Guojun and rushed into the enemy camp with his sword. He turned his horse back and used his life to feel the strength and weakness of the enemy's forces. This way of spying on the enemy was nothing to him, as he had often done in his youth, and it was said that he was a genius who had survived several dangerous situations with his natural calmness. But this night, he led the twenty light riding deep into the enemy camp, but when he came back, he encountered several dry ambushes buried in advance by the other side on the way. In the depth of the enemy camp to spy on the enemy, twenty Qingqi has been damaged, even if people are not injured, the horse also suffered a lot of arrows, do not find the weakest link, basically it is difficult to hope to break through. Those history books had never recorded that he had encountered such a situation when he was a son. There were interceptors in front of him and pursuers behind him. It was so dangerous. In the dark mountain forest, the encirclement shrinks smaller and smaller, the torches suddenly light up, and the drums of war beat loudly. It was supposed to boost morale, but under the circumstances, it was a joke. On the hillside, on the back of a purplish red horse, the leading general of the State of Jiang laughed proudly, "I didn't expect that the King of Chen, who was famous for his valor, would die here today. It seems that your valor is nothing more than that. In my opinion, it's just a bit of valor. Brothers, don't you think so?" As soon as the voice fell to the ground, the head on the neck also fell to the ground with a click. A sword with a string of flying blood beads was fixed on a nearby rock wall,chrome washing machine, and the general's head rolled wet and bloody on the ground, with a ferocious smile still frozen on his face. It was indescribable what kind of scene it was. I looked at it and felt pain for him. I reached out and touched my neck. Fortunately, my head was still firmly on my neck. ore-magnetic-mining.com
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