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How to replace teeth with Dental Bridges Dentures
Published by: North York Dentist (16) on Tue, Oct 4, 2016  |  Word Count: 503  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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To improve appearance, most of the people consider dental bridges and dentures on most occasions. It generally fulfills the gap that has been created due to missing tooth. Due to gap in the teeth, issues may be observed to bite food. The adjacent teeth may lean towards the empty space also. Both the lower and upper teeth help to bite the food. Therefore things can be changed certainly with the disappearance of the teeth. It has been seen often that the food is packed within the gap. As a result, decay in teeth in addition to gum diseases can be seen too.
Replacing teeth
Based on the number of the missing teeth and location of the teeth, issues are noticed in the life. By using three methods, teeth are generally replaced. They are false tooth or temporary bridges, permanent dental bridges and dental implants. If there is a need to fix few teeth then partial or fixed dental bridges and dentures are used. However, it becomes become necessary to replace teeth for entire side then dental implant is the best choice. Through creation of artificial root within jaw bone, dental bridges are generally placed.
Temporary Denture
From minimum one to several teeth made by mixed metal or plastic is found with the temporary denture. Clips are attached with the denture. It enables the denture to fix them within the mouth. In some occasion, it may be possible to notice the clip as the person opens the mouth.
Different between plastic and metal dental bridges and dentures
Plastic dental bridges and dentures are for the budgeted people as it can be found in lesser amount of price. However, design of the denture must be perfect. Otherwise, problems can be observed while fitting them adequately.
By using cobalt and chromium alloy, metal dentures are made. It is generally stronger than plastic dentures. Due to lightweight design, heaviness may not be felt at all. Proper amount of support can be given in the process. In spite of having a metal base, it can be wrapped in a plastic to offer the look of a natural gum. In this way, the denture may look completely natural. In terms of cost, it may be little higher than the plastic ones.
How can select the best for you?
Guidance of the dentist is very necessary to decide which types of dental bridges or dentures may be good for you. For best possible results, metal dentures are recommended by the dentist.
Is it possible to place the denture following to removal of tooth?
Following to an extraction process, it may take about six month to heal the area in proper manner. Therefore, it may be necessary to wear a temporary denture until the bridges can be utilized on the location permanently.
Change of look
Brushing and soaking the denture repeatedly may be required for the cleaning process of denture. Subsequent to a cleanup process, it must be retained in a bowl with water. The denture must be brushed after a soaking process exclusively.
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