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How to Create a 6 Figure Income From Home in the Next Year No Experience Necessary
Published by: Allen (16) on Thu, Dec 22, 2011  |  Word Count: 493  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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The truth is, we are at a very interesting intersection in the online marketing, and home based business space. Most people who seek "overnight riches" will fall flat on their faces... and fail furiously fast.Others, (like yourself, I'm hoping) will build VIABLE, valuable online businesses with amazing ease that endure over the long haul.

The ONLY thing that separates the 2?

Two things, actually.

    PASSION before profit.

    The STRATEGY, structure and sequence that's required to turn an IDEA into INCOME.

Here is what I believe:
If you feel a sense of passion and purpose for your work, and focus on contribution and community over cash, you WILL succeed... PERIOD.
And -
If you filter your passion through the prism of a pragmatic plan, and apply a structure and sequence to your STRATEGY, you can literally create amazing financial abundance in mere months, working 100% from home, and entirely online.

Let me give you a really quick illustration:
Let's say you are a coach or consultant who specializes in optimum health and nutrition.
98% of the people who will enter this space, and try to make a full time living from home, will try to sell some sort of MLM product. Or maybe they'll promote an affiliate program by running banners on their blog. Or maybe they'll try to promote their business on Facebook or twitter, by inundating their family and friends with updates, and offers.

None of that stuff works, as I'm sure most of you who have tried it already know. Can you have a little bit of success this way? Of course you can. But unless you can make a living selling your services to your old high school homeroom, or have tens of thousands of daily visitors to your blog who will click on your banner ads, it's not going to get you where you truly want to be.

The KEY to earning a full time living, and a really generous one, using the above model is a simple tweak that less than 1% of all online business owners will make.

I focus on a 3 step process:
Content (like what you are reading right now)
Community (an evolving base of "newsletter" subscribers, and a larger group of friends, fans, followers and folks who will interact with my content on a special type of blog site),Lastly... a CURRICULUM that will convert a small percentage of the above into clients, customers and my community into CASH flow. You do this BEST by creating a coaching program, or some sort of premium priced product that honors your expertise, and allows you to share your gifts in such a way as to create tons of value for your community... AND your bank account to boot.

A good coach, teacher, trainer, mentor or PASSION professional, in the REAL world... doesn't make their living selling affiliate products or eBooks. They get rich, selling real RESULTS to people who can afford to pay for them.

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