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Holypills A Multi Specialty Clinic for Holistic Treatment
Published by: Kevin Gilbert (16) on Tue, Dec 29, 2015  |  Word Count: 625  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Holypills clinic for women and child care is a leading super speciality hospital in India. We have earned our name under the supervision of Dr. Ila Kathuria, DHMS, BHMS a globally famed homeopath. Our dedicated staff has been committed towards caring for people with research-based Homeopathic therapies, accompanied with novel approaches to conventional medicine. We lay emphasis on the holistic recovery of the individual and hence focus on dietary, nutritional, mind-body stress strategies and physical care with thoughtful use of medical treatment in order to enhance your wellness and healing. Our goal is to optimize your health and well-being through a comprehensive and innovative program of care. We give care and treatment with dedication and passion. We are always active in assessing and developing Homeopathic methodologies to advance the frontiers of treatment and health advancement. We are a multi specialty hospital that provides quality health care services for an individual’s day to day health requirements.

We have the specialty in women and child care and provide all types of medical services to women. Holypills offer treatment in allergy, depression, endometriosis, PCOD, bronchitis, infertility, and menopause besides our routine health plans. Homeopathy has proved to be effective in addressing the side effects of the contraceptive pill, such as weight gain, lack of ovulation, irregular menses, Candida, benign breast lumps or apathy. Our fertility plan will address any of the side effects, which may prevent you from pregnancy. Our treatment reduces symptoms and improves quality of life with seasonal allergic rhinitis. We immensely improve your immunity so that you don't fall prey to allergens frequently. The medication targets your body's immune system and reduces the hypersensitivity towards the allergens. After the treatment, you react less aggressively to the allergens and gradually the hypersensitivity is cured. We select homeopathic medicine such that it increases the adaptability of your immune system. This in return exterminates the necessity for antibiotics and inhalers.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that treats the person as a whole, taking into account mental and bodily types as well as the symptoms of the disease. At our clinic we follow a unique approach to treat depression. Holypills combine homeopathic medicine with counselling to revive your inner healing. Here, we use classical homeopathy to cure the imbalance of hormones that occurs due to stress and emotional imbalance. The personalized approach we pursue will surely help you in connecting your mind with your body, thereby eradicating the need for hormone therapy. Holypills is a wonderful companion and friend for women to sail smoothly and symptom free through the transition from the mother to the crone. Homeopathic remedies work on correcting hormonal imbalances, regularizing ovulation, restoring menstrual normalcy.

The care we offer at holypills is filled with dedication and passion. We approach each individual person who seeks our services as if we belong to the same family. We treat our patients in totality and give them a complete knowledge of their illness so that they are well aware and can opt for the right approach for their ailment. We believe that all dimensions of the self must be considered in your treatment as the mind and body are interconnected with each other. We encourage healing, vitality and wellness through an active and life-affirming spirit. Our aim is to create an atmosphere that is infused with hope and empathetic support to our patients so that they recover early and happily.

About Author:

Kevin Gilbert is a resourceful author who writes several useful articles on homeopathy treatment, Pcos treatment in homeopathy, Infertility treatment in homeopathy and other topics related to health. If you wish to obtain more information on pcos treatment in homeopathy and infertility treatment in homeopathy please visit: holypillsclinic.com
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