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Flash Web Designing
Published by: huzaifa (16) on Sat, Feb 16, 2013  |  Word Count: 408  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Flash Web Design

Much has been said about flash websites by webmasters, web design companies and web gurus and a vast majority of the discussed content criticizes flash rather than appreciating its functionalities. The deciding factor why using flash has been put into the disrepute is that its effectiveness is judged with a website's ranking in a search engine result pages. Because flash websites require more work and these are not easily ranked on Google and other search engines, flash is best believed to be ignored. But if you consider the pros of flash and the improved range of functionalities it come with, flash websites are actually not an evil, but these are vitally crucial to engage your target audience. Given below are pros of a flash web designer and how to fall in love with it rather than not using at all.

Why use flash?

Flash movies load faster with quick response time, it quickly caches its movies eliminating the need for reloading, it adds interactivity into a website, and it can creatively sell your message to your target audience using functionalities unfounded elsewhere.

Flash creates possibilities of using innovation to its highest level

A website designed in flash is a creative showpiece of your work! In other words, you can use movies and animations to creatively introduce your products and services and then thoroughly add other features that can further excel its look

Flash engages viewers; makes scope for detailed interaction that works!

Flash websites record a good amount of traffic rather than their HTML counterparts not because of improved ranking, but because flash can convince traffic with artistic design and receive repeat viewers who love to visit the site/s on a regular basis.

Flash is easy to create

Such websites are easy to create and relatively economical compared to other form of interactive media development. If you hire a web design service or a web design company to create a completely new flash website, chances are you would get it done quickly since developers can tweak and bring in the new look without much work

Cons of flash websites

To create a wonderful flash-based website, you need to have a good knowledge about your target audience and create movies that are just perfect.

Flash can make a site bulkier if the web design company you have hired work on wrongly focused ideas rather than working on core things.

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