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Different kinds of healing pendants
Published by: Crystal Export India (16) on Thu, Jul 5, 2018  |  Word Count: 582  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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When we fall sick we need medicine likewise for negative energies we need crystals and gemstones. These crystals when wore work as a holistic treatment which removes mental, physical and spiritual blockages. Like medicine, every type of negative energy has different types of crystal or gemstones which quarantine the negative energy. These crystals have the power to store, transmit, store light and receive energy. When these crystals or gemstones are worn with a pendant that is directly placed on your body, the vibratory effect emits the aura directly to you.
Crystal pendants for healing
Here healing means not only healing your body but healing your soul and mind. Crystal and gemstone pendants are used from long back as a holistic measure for prevention of life’s problem. Today we will discuss some of the healing crystals.

• Sodalite Pendant

This pendant is especially worn to encourage rational thoughts, objectivity, truth, and intuition. It helps in bringing emotional stability and prevents a panic attack. It helps in balancing metabolism and overcomes calcium deficiency.

• Carnelian Pendants
This pendant when worn will help in restoring vitality and motivation. It also helps to increase creativity. If you’re lacking courage or positivity in life then this pendant is for you.
• Crystal Quartz Pendant
This crystal is naturally formed by silicon dioxide. It is well known by the name master healer as it amplifies energy thoughts, as well as it boosts effects of other crystals.
• Hematite Pendant

As the content of iron is pretty high in hematite, it helps in curing blood pressure disorder and kidney problems; it is also a healer of pain and maintains blood flow in the body.

• Lapis lazuli pendant

Lapis Lazuli protects from psychic attacks, gives relief from stress. It brings harmony and deep inner self-knowledge.

• Black onyx pendant

Black Onyx helps in absorption of negative energy and transforming into positive one. If you want to prevent drainage of personal energy then this pendant is your thing. It increases your emotional and physical strength and stamina.

• Black Tourmaline pendant

This pendant shields from electromagnetic radiation so don’t forget to wear this when you’re working in an office with your wifi on. It also protects from negative energy that surrounds us. Also, it gives us relief from stress and anxiety caused by problems from work.

• Tiger Eye Pendant

The wearer of this pendant is blessed with good luck. It helps in focus the mind resulting in mental clarity, assisting us in solving problems. It takes care of illness, dispelling fear and anxiety.

• Rose quartz pendant
This pendant is for the lovebirds. This crystal helps in restoring trust and harmony in the relationship. It promotes love, self-love, and friendship, deep inner healing resulting in peace.

So first understand your problem then get your own pendant from Crystal Export

About Author :
Crystal export is a renowned and reliable company dealing with the manufacture and export of wide varieties of crystals. Crystal Export manufactures all kind of metaphysical crystals & new age crystals products. Visit : https://www.crystalexportindia.com/

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