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Dao is no chance Dao is no chance Dao is no chance Dao is no chance Dao is no chance Dao is no chanc
Published by: KathleenCR (16) on Sun, Dec 4, 2022  |  Word Count: 1455  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Tang Bingshen's words seemed to work. Lian Ying nodded and said hello to Fang Yunshan. Without waiting for Fang Yunshan to say anything, Tang Bingshen rushed forward and said, "It's dark. I'll see you off." Lian Ying was noncommittal, and they walked out of the hospital together. It was already past nine o'clock in the evening. It was a dark night in winter. The sky was a little overcast. There were no stars or the moon. The darkness was too thick to melt. Lian Ying almost hit the pillar. Tang Bingshen pulled her to his side and grabbed her shoulder. Lian Ying wanted to struggle, but he heard Tang Bingshen say softly, "I don't mean anything else. It's far from the car." Feeling pity in his heart, he snuggled up to Tang Bingshen. Since she knew about Meng Zhaoou's accident in the afternoon, she felt cold, and the coldness from the bottom of her heart could not be dispelled. The president won't be a big deal. You don't know him. He's very tough. Our group plays basketball with several strong boys in their twenties who are no match for him. Tang Bingshen pretended to be relaxed and picked the beginning of the conversation. Holding the girl in his arms, he knew in his heart that there were many impossibilities between them, and he could not help wondering, "Few people can defeat him." It's not that I don't admire Meng Zhaoou and Tang Bingshen. They are not a few years older than themselves, but they are already doing it like a raging fire. It's not that the playboys borrow the shadow of their ancestors to pull the tiger skin and pull the banner to buy and sell, but that they rely on their own real work, which is intelligence, diligence and talent. Tang Bingshen sometimes felt that Meng Zhaoou really had the talent to go into business, otherwise he would not have made Dongzheng so stable and big, attacking and defending at the right time. For example, now the economic downturn, many people in the economic heat did not realize,Glass Cosmestic Containers, but took the money to invest everywhere, and Meng Zhaoou has a sense of anxiety as early as more than a year ago began to implement the contraction strategy, many seemingly profitable businesses have been cut down, then a lot of people do not understand, but now no one dares to criticize, many large groups now. But Dongzheng is the king of cash, and its own funds are sufficient. Driving on the road, Tang Bingshen still couldn't help thinking about whether he was the first or Meng Zhaoou was the first. Intuitively,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, Meng Zhaoou knew Lian Ying earlier than he did. It was Lian Ying who went to Xiaolu Villa for friendship and cooperation. Occasionally, I heard that Lian Ying was appointed by the president. I didn't think much about it at that time, but now it seems to be the source of everything. Grinning bitterly, Meng Zhaoou estimated that there was no one else's share, who let him meet such a strong opponent, and met so late. Now that love is defeated by such a man, Tang Bingshen also feels that it is worth it, but he is afraid that Lian Ying will finally choose a man who is so ordinary that he only knows his wife and children are hot. But after all, after all, it is difficult to calm down. Lian Ying is a different idea. Meng Zhaoou has been lying down for two days, and the critical period has probably passed and he can recover slowly. Lian Ying wants to buy some clothes, comfortable, convenient, and some disposable ones. He loves cleanliness so much that he even has a serious addiction to cleanliness. It is very uncomfortable that he can't move by himself. If the things he uses next to his body are not suitable, Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale ,glass cream jars, he must be very uncomfortable. You can't take the clothes at home, or they will be thrown away later. Thinking like this, he turned to Tang Bingshen and said that she was going to the mall to buy something and told him not to accompany her. Tang Bingshen said let's have a quick meal first and then talk about it. Lian Ying also felt a little hungry, originally these days did not sleep well and did not eat well, the afternoon has been nervous and tired, now heard Meng Zhaoou after the critical period of relaxation down to feel extremely tired and extremely hungry. The two of them chose Yonghe King, who was not far away, to stop for dinner. Still asked for two bowls of wonton, a little too hungry, and both of them drank the soup slowly. Tang Bingshen remembered that on Valentine's Day one year, he waited for Lian Ying for nearly two hours in the cold wind and drank wontons like this. At that time, he was full of longing for his own happiness, and even luxuriously imagined that he and Lian Ying would make wontons together. At that time, I was so satisfied that I thought I could get the beauty back. It turned out that everything was very difficult. They only had the fate of eating wontons in Yonghe King, but they didn't have the love of making wontons together. Tang Bingshen insisted on buying something with Lian Ying in the mall to send her home, but Lian Ying could not refuse. When he arrived at the underwear department, he only picked out men's underwear, inquired about adult disposable items, and carried two bags full of them.
Tang Bingshen looked at Lian Ying's beautiful profile, slightly curled hair scattered on his shoulders, and looked carefully to find that the unchanged appearance carried a different temperament, the expression in his eyes faded from the girl's charm, revealing the delicate tenderness of women, carefully comparing the texture of different brands, touching with his fingers comfortable and uncomfortable, everything was done so properly and naturally. It's like choosing underwear for your lover, but it's just for another man. Help Lian Ying take it to the car and ask softly, "Is it for President Meng?" Then, without waiting for an answer, he said, "Put it in my car and take it over tomorrow. It's not convenient for you to have too many things." Lian Ying lowered his head and opened the bag in his hand. After picking and choosing for a long time, he gave one bag to Tang Bingshen and carried the other by himself. "These need to be washed first. You can take those disposable ones first." All the way no longer speechless, Lian Ying is too lazy to speak into their own thoughts, and Tang Bingshen found that the answer to each of his words can only make themselves more regret. Wake up Lian Ying went home after work the next day to pick up the underwear washed yesterday and took a taxi to the hospital. Meng Zhaoou is no longer in the ICU ward, which is unexpected, indicating that Meng Zhaoou is completely out of danger and relaxed. The nurse happened to see the one yesterday and knew that Lian Ying had an unusual relationship with the patient, so she took the initiative to tell him the address of the ward. Lian Ying thanked him and walked to the luxurious single-room ward in the corner of the inpatient building. A group of people suddenly poured out of the ward, led by a male doctor in his forties, followed by some men and women, one of whom Lian Ying had seen, that is, the last time he had dinner with Xiao Luo in South Beauty, he met a woman with Meng Zhaoou, wearing a black coat and saying something to the doctor. Lian Ying turned sideways to let the crowd go in, but the woman pulled her arm, "Miss Lian,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, wait a minute, I want to talk to you." Lian Ying watched the crowd walk out and lowered his head into the ward. Cui Weizhao was inside. When he saw Lian Ying coming in, he smiled softly. "You're late. The fourth brother woke up just now. The doctor said it was a good omen." ? penghuangbottle.com
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