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Choose the best hair extension for your hair
Published by: amazinghair (16) on Mon, Nov 3, 2014  |  Word Count: 534  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Weft means a long strip of hair which looks like a curtain and has a seam at the top, where one can attach clips or glue it to the hair of the user.

What are weft hair extensions?

Weft hair extensions are products which have been attached to the client’s hair. They might be attached using sewing technique, gluing technique or by clipping it normally. Loose hair is attached to the individual strands. The hair is folded over and then attached again to create the final wefted extension. Wefted extension can be done by machine or by bare hands. While doing it by hand, the weft is thinner but much more stringer. The hand wefting session leads to a bit less volume.

If you are looking for wefts then the best place to look is at http://amazinghair.com.au/. They have 5 different colours available in 20 inch length each.

On the other hand clip in hair extensions are a bit different from wefts. The clips in extensions are designed with lock system made of clips, which lock the hair into the desired place without any damage. They are very easy to be removed and are a great way to add volume and length to the hair. The best thing about them is that they are easy to apply and are not permanent. They can be removed in seconds and application is as fast as removal.

The permanent methods of applying hair extensions can be damaging as the glue can cause side effects like breakage and hair loss.

One can even go ahead and treat it like their natural hair by getting it curled, straightened, washed, cut, blow-dried and styled to anything of your choice.

Few advantages of using clip in extension over permanent methods

  • If you buy and use the clip hair extension wisely, then it might save your money as you will not have to rush to the salons. Thus you would be saving on time and currency.

  • It requires led maintenance than the permanent methods.

  • You can take them out within minutes, whenever you want them to.

  • Do not cause damage to hair like permanent methods.

If you are interested then you can buy them at AmazingHair. This website provides stylish clip in hair extensions in Australia. The clips in extensions are available in four types namely

  • 10 piece – Clip in hairpieces

  • 3 clip- clip in hairpieces

  • 2 clip- clip in hairpieces

  • 1 clip- clip in hairpieces

About The Author:

Australia's leading human hair extensions supplier, selling clip in hair extensions, wigs, hair pieces, and wefts at extremely affordable rates. Highest quality hair extensions guaranteed!

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