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CGIFurniture product 3d rendering services
Published by: CGIFurniture (16) on Sat, Jun 20, 2020  |  Word Count: 357  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Creation of photoreal 3D visual content for launching new products, marketing 3D materials for existing products and project presentations. Thousand of manufactures get their imagery with CGIFURNITURE 3D rendering company.Product Rendering is a digital alternative to product photography. It allows to change textures and materials, product design details, get multiple lifestyle scenes and show the object from different points of view – without producing a physical prototype. Photos and drawings are great base to show all CG possibilities and save Manufacturers plenty of time and money. This way, CGI makes product development and marketing more flexible and customer-oriented. Online platforms are the latest trend in design and architecture. They allow users to become designers of their dwellings: build the place virtually, furnish it, choose the decor, finishing materials. Then, they get full specifications for all items and products selected, with links to the manufacturers websites. Moreover, using special glasses, users can “walk” through the virtual room and see what each object looks like in real life. Virtual and Augmented Reality is the state-of-the-art way of showcasing products and objects. To tap into its power, it’s necessary to develop 3D models with optimized geometry and special materials. So we are not just providing 3D models. We help our clients to improve their business, and therefore we offer the most innovative services.The development of manufacturing technologies lead to the emergence of products with complex functionalities. An armchair taking the shape of your body using hydraulics technology, smart brackets and mounts adapting for convenient storage of any kitchen utensils, are examples of products that are popular in today’s market. Demonstrating all the functions and features of such items to the customers can be difficult. It clearly calls for a special approach. Our solution is video – 3D animation. This is the easiest and most persuasive way to show the principles of work, transformation and usage features. As a result, it significantly increases sales. On top of that, 3D animation is perfect for showcasing design variations, bundling options and configuration of the product.
Address: 44 Main Street
City: Douglas
State: Lanark
Country: United Kingdom
Postcode: ML11 0QW
Telephone: +44 203 617 1683
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