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Billy Fuccillo The Successful Business Empire
Published by: billyfuccillo (16) on Mon, May 8, 2017  |  Word Count: 453  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Billy Fuccillo is a well-known car dealer in New York and in Florida. Along with him his trademark* "It's Huge!" is famous in New York and Florida.

To run a successful business one should have strong marketing knowledge. Billy Fuccillo got into car business after graduating from the Syracuse University in marketing major. As per his memory, his first dealership was in Adams, New York which he bought in 1989 and started selling cars. Now there are more than 30 separate businesses listed in New York State with the Billy Fuccillo's name. Billy’s advertising campaigns are very entertaining and amazing. He knows how to get the job done. People either enjoy his ads or they dislike them.

The Story behind his signature phrase has started when he was the first time doing a radio commercial in Syracuse for his business. He unconsciously yelled, “It’s huge, Tom, huge.” This seems apparently funny and entertaining to everybody present in the studio. That phrase later dominated the local airwaves for decades. Now he is everywhere in the New York. He is running TV spots that seem to flow back to back from station to station. People of the New York follow his commercials like a reality TV show, whether they want to buy the car or not.

Many of his Advertisement feature Billy Fuccillo facing the camera accompanied by a good looking blonde lady named Caroline. He stands in sunglasses with arms raised heavenward, bellowing about "huge!" deals and "huge!" savings. For an average TV Viewers, he appears more than ten times per night. Billy Fuccillo' want to get into people's mind every time. He launches powerful TV commercials that run day and night, promising to give a big discount on a car purchase. He is also making a lot of dollars out of it. Billy Fuccillo knows how to get in front of people's face.

Day by day car dealership business is flourishing in the United States and many people want to be a part of it. They are working hard to establish themselves as a successful businessman. Billy Fuccillo has written his own success stories like many American businessmen with his ambitions and hard work. Unfortunately, many people see his success with a jealous feeling. The people should adopt the liberate attitude and appreciate his success rather than their own laziness and lack of ambition.
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