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A New Dimension In Design
Published by: 3D Innovations (16) on Tue, Nov 11, 2014  |  Word Count: 549  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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3D Innovations is a full service 3-D engineeringdesign company that offers services that vary from 3D software training to 3D design, prototyping, and production manufacturing. Our company specializes in turning 2-D product concepts into 3-D designs and functional prototypes using a variety of manufacturing methods. By utilizing 3-D Computer Aided Design (3D CAD), 3-D Modeling, and 3-D printing/Rapid Prototyping technology, we have helped a variety of clients take their concepts to market.

A recent example of a company we collaborated with on various aspects of product design and development is our partnership with Z to A Innovations LLC. We assisted with the design, development and manufacturing of the enclosure component of their product Electronic Shark Defense System (ESDS). We were able to help transform the ESDS enclosure device concept into a digital design and functional prototype. In doing so, we reduced its design cycle time, prototyping costs and produced a manufacture ready ESDS enclosure design. Using our design and prototyping process, we were able to accelerate the development time. The ESDS device is currently being sold and used by water enthusiasts around the world.

Earlier this year, our company introduced 3D Academy, a division of 3D Innovations that provides 3D CAD and Pre/Engineering training programs.

At 3D Academy, our goal is to promote science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education programs in Hawaii schools. Our programs integrate 3-D technology into K-12 education, as well as university classrooms. By providing this type of training to Hawaii’s youths, we are introducing them to industry specific practices and experiences. With this knowledge, they are better equipped to solve real-world problems, think critically and creatively and engage in the technology industry where they can thrive and transform the world around them.

I have run a number of workshops and will continue to strive for excellence from our young people as they continue to pursue STEM education. A recent 3D CAD workshop was held on board the battleship USS Missouri with students from King Intermediate School. We were also excited to collaborate with students from Kaua’i High School on their awardwinning Hawaii State Science & Engineering Fair project that dealt with installing mini hydro turbines to existing waterlines for household use.

At the post-secondary level, we have worked with students from the Kapiolani Community College STEM program on numerous engineering projects, as well as providing 3D CAD training. 3D Innovations continues to serve Hawaii’s communities and businesses who seek innovative technology solutions to their design processes.

For more information, visit 3d-Innovations.com. To learn more about 3D CAD and STEM programs, visit academy.3D-Innovations.com.

Author Bio:

Collin Kobayashi President of 3D Innovations which is located in Hawaiian Islands. First started out his career in Design/Manufacturing using two dimensional (2D) Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programs. Now he is a specialist in 3D CAD Training & Consulting, 3D Printing/ Rapid Prototyping Hawaii. He also has extensive experience in Solidworks, AutoCAD, Pro/Engineer, Prototype and Manufacturing consulting, Injection Mold Design, Design For Manufacturability (DFM). 3D designers like Collin Kobayashi are engineering the future through innovative product development using 3D technology.
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