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A change of strategy in the big debate on smokeless cigarettes
Published by: Mullin (16) on Thu, Dec 22, 2011  |  Word Count: 528  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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There are many things to really think about and consider when talking about e cigarettes. First, the need to regulate cigarettes. Being labeled as cigarettes and containing at least one component, which is nicotine, it is very fair to say that the purpose of an e cigarette is to give a person the sensation of being able to smoke a normal cigarette but with added benefits. As a consumer, a regulated product gives them the confidence that products will not contain more in depth ingredients and that health and other regulatory organizations can control the kind of devices that are allowed to be sold in the US based on the content.

People agree:
Thousands of individuals agree that electronic cigarettes are highly advantageous. It could be someone who has been smoking for several years and would like to shift to something less destructive, or maybe someone who might almost get addicted to tobacco based cigarettes. All these people love the idea of having a cigarette without tobacco, without the nasty smells and without the annoying smoke that could cause cancers to the person. Second hand smoke is dangerous and with smokeless cigarettes, it is possible to eliminate this risk and ensure that the person is in a lot better condition for a healthier body.

Obvious benefits:
The lack of tobacco means a lot for many people. Tobacco alone contains thousands of compounds that can poison the body. Sadly, there are thousands more that have not yet been analyzed by modern scientists. By eliminating these obvious risks, one can say that they found a better option from the e cigarettes. Also, with regards to poisoning, the chances may be apparent but it is less likely since it would take at least 3 cartridges to cause nicotine poisoning. Also, it has been stated that a lot of people find this option more beneficial especially in finally quitting smoking.

The need for studies:
It is very important to have further studies regarding e cigarettes. As consumers, people should be well informed about the contents and possible risks of exposure to vapid nicotine. There are limited peer reviewed studies and a lot of studies were funded by cigarette corporations so there might be some form of bias along the way. The scientific community is slowly taking heed of this aspect but it is still necessary to make a call for further research for this industry. It is vital that people are made aware of what really goes on with these electronic devices.

The need for a change in public health strategies:
The US is having a hard time making a decision about these products. Canada has already made up its mind and banned it from the country to be sold. In the US, it is still sold but it is largely understudied and the regulations are very slow giving more power to companies to take advantage of making tall tales about cigarettes being this or that. Public health officials should undertake a renewed view on this matter. It is vital to further studies and inquiry and ensures that people are informed about such products and if they actually help or not.

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