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5 Timeless Web Design Elements
Published by: huzaifa (16) on Mon, Feb 18, 2013  |  Word Count: 576  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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5 Timeless Web Design Elements!

Change is a constant thing in the web design industry. New trends and technologies come up every new day and new styles are defined. While something may be hot favorite today, the same might go stale tomorrow. And to keep up with the industry trends, you need to employ the latest styles in your website design. However, given the volatile nature of the web design company and the changing fashions, it becomes and impossible task to change your website design according to the changing fashions. That is why you need to identify styles and trends that have a timeless appeal so that they continue to work well for your websites for a long time.

Here are some popular web design elements and trends that have a timeless feel to them and continue to be in fashion till now and will be for a long time.

Green Elements – Trees, Leaves and Grass!

Hardly any environmental website can do without the use of some greenery. In fact, the use of green trees, leaved and grass have gone beyond just environmental websites and is used to display an 'eco-friendly' feature. And with more and more businesses 'going green,' this trend will go a long way.

User Icons & Avatars

With the immense increase in the popularity of social media, user icons and avatars have come to play an integral part in website design. They are used as graphic elements on social media websites like social networking websites, blogs, forums to represent users. The whole emphasis is on the user base and community. And because social media is predicted to be the future of Web, this web design trend is here to stay for a long time to come.

Slide Shows

Slide shows are a very popular web design element used primarily by corporates and business websites to display their products and services. This is usually featured on the homepage as a welcoming presentation. In addition, blogs and news websites use slideshows to feature their posts.

Animated Characters

Several websites use animated characters as a mascot. These characters not only add life to the homepage but serve as a website ambassador for the visitors. Popular microblogging website Twitter has a blue bird as its mascot and is literally identified with it.

Huge Vibrant Icons

There was a time when huge massive vibrant icons were a big no-no. However, with the changing times we have realized that people are less interested in reading huge rolls of content and rather are more comfortable in navigating crisp buttons. Moreover, with the increasing popularity of mobile web, large sized buttons and icons are becoming the need of the hour.

Gone are the days when whitespace was considered waste-of-space. Designers now realize the immense importance of having whitespace in web design to create a neat and clean layout. Professional web designs incorporate lots of whitespace in their designs in order to highlight the key elements on the web pages. In fact, the background color of the website is best kept white or at least restricted to any light color.

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