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4 Environmental Benefits of Producing Nitrogen OnSite
Published by: Aaryan Smith` (16) on Tue, Jan 30, 2018  |  Word Count: 441  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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On-site nitrogen generators and nitrogen plants are increasingly being used by industries because of the increased efficiency and cost-savings it provides them. But, the benefits of having on-site nitrogen generation are not limited to that. Consumers today are smart, and care about the environment. You can help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint by going for on-site nitrogen generation in the following ways:

1. By eliminating the need for preservatives with nitrogen in food packaging.

By adding nitrogen to the food packaging, instead of using preservatives in the food products themselves, you can enhance the life of the food products, while adding no load to the environment and keeping the food natural, devoid of any chemicals. Nitrogen displaces the oxygen in the packaging, and without oxygen, bacteria has no way to survive. It also keeps out moisture.

2. By reducing your carbon footprint by eliminating delivery trucks.

Companies that pick-up and deliver nitrogen cylinders do so with the help of delivery trucks. By going for on-site nitrogen generation, you can eliminate the delivery trucks entirely, and reduce the load on the environment. Delivery trucks eliminate harmful gases that affect the environment in the long-term. Your step can make a big impact on the environment.

3. Save energy by cutting the amount of energy used to create nitrogen at a different plant

Companies which deliver nitrogen in cylinders first create it at a commercial plant using a process known as cryogenic air separation using a nitrogen separation membrane. This process requires a large amount of energy and also releases a large amount of carbon-dioxide that is released in the environment. With an on-site nitrogen generator, these plants lose business, and if everyone switches to producing their own nitrogen on site, the cylinders will no longer be necessary. Thus making a difference.

4. Lessen product waste

Making your own nitrogen on site also means there are no cylinders to dispose of. Yes, cylinders can be reused, but at some point they are no longer effective, and they must be put somewhere. Additionally, when the cylinders are full of nitrogen gas, it slowly seeps out of the container, wasting up to 10% of the product before you are able to use it. So by switching to an on-site nitrogen generator you can keep all of your nitrogen supply and forget about waste that will end up at a landfill.

So, make a smart choice and go for on-site nitrogen generation. There are a great many leading nitrogen gas plant manufacturers in India you can contact for your needs.
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